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Discover Newland scanning solutions available at ERS.

Honeywell OmniDirectional Barcode Scanners

Honeywell omnidirectional barcode scanners use a series of straight or curved scanning lines in varying directions in the form of a starburst or other multi-angle arrangement which are projected at the barcode symbol and one or more of them will be able to cross all of the bars and spaces, no matter what the orientation.

Omni-directional barcode readers and Honeywell presentation barcode scanners are most familiar through the horizontal scanners in supermarkets and retail outlets, where packages are slid over a glass or sapphire window.

There are a range of different omni-directional barcode scanners available which can be used for differing scanning applications, ranging from retail point of sale applications with the barcodes read only a few centimetres away from the scanner to industrial conveyor scanning where the unit can be a couple of metres away or more from the code. For our complete scanner range click here.

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Fully automatic on-counter scanning operation

MS7120 Orbit Omnidirectional Laser Barcode Scanner

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Alternate between 20 scan lines for omnidirectional scanning and a single scan line for menu scanning

MS3580 Quantum Omindirectional Barcode Reader

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Genesis XP 7680g Presentation Scanner

Genesis XP 7680g Presentation Scanner

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2D area scanner for hands-free scanning

HF680 2D Barcode Scanner for Hands-free Scanning

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Honeywell Fusion 3780 Omnidirectional handheld scanner

MS3780 Fusion Omnidirectional Barcode Scanner

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Honeywell Solaris 7980g Powerful presentation scanner for the checkout counter

Honeywell Solaris 7980g Vertical Slot Barcode Scanner

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Prices From £24.78 +VAT
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