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Direct Part Marking 2D Scanner

Find the ideal DPM, direct part marking barcode scanners for your business suitable for a number of industries and environments. Discover our full range from industry-leading brands such as Datalogic, Zebra and Honeywell. 

Direct part marking barcode scanners and mobile computers that are equipped with DPM imagers enable simple and accurate scanning of barcodes that are etched or imprinted directly into the surface of materials such as plastic and metal. 

Direct Part Mark Barcode Scanners - Direct Part Marking and Identification requires specific high density barcode scanning technology to enable reliable scanning of 1D and 2D DPM barcodes. DPM is a process that allows users to imprint a barcode directly on an item instead of printing the code on a paper label. 

Different technologies are available to directly mark objects: laser / chemical etching, dot peening and ink jet printing. Each of these methods have specific advantages and disadvantages in terms of durability, cost, and ease of reading. Our ERS team can provide you with free expert advice should you need help finding the right DPM, direct part mark barcode scanning solution. Contact us today.

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Streamline barcode scanning operations with NVH220 DPM handheld scanners.

Newland NVH220 Lophius DPM Handheld Scanners

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