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Cipherlab Barcode Scanners

Cipherlab is a Taiwan-based company that produces a wide range of barcode scanners and readers. Cipherlab's products are used in a variety of industries, including retail, healthcare, logistics, and manufacturing. Cipherlab barcode scanners are designed to be rugged and reliable, with a long lifespan. Cipherlab also offers a variety of software solutions that help businesses automate their workflows. Cipherlab's products are available in both handheld and desktop models, and they offer both wired and wireless connectivity. Cipherlab barcode readers are an excellent choice for businesses that need a reliable and affordable solution for their scanning needs.

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1000 Low Cost CCD Barcode Scanner

In stock
Prices From £44.55 +VAT
Low cost barcode scanners from Cipherlab

1500 Handheld Long Range CCD Scanner

In stock
Prices From £54.65 +VAT
Bluetooth Barcode Scanning for Android, iPhone, iPod and iPad

1600 Bluetooth Pocket Barcode Scanners

Out of stock
Prices From £205.20 +VAT
1030 / 1036 Magnetic Stripe Card Encoders

1030 / 1036 Magnetic Stripe Card Encoders

In stock
Prices From £267.30 +VAT
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