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Arobee Shop Supplies and Retail Consumables

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Arobee polypropylene attachments for tagging guns.

Regular Attachments and Kimble Tags

In stock
Prices From £4.24 +VAT
Takes all standard and microspaced attachments

Extra Tagging Guns

In stock
Prices From £7.45 +VAT
High Quality Replacement Needles for Arobee Tagging Guns

Tagging Needles

In stock
Prices From £5.59 +VAT
FINE attachments for Arrow A9X tagging guns.

Fine Attachments and Kimble Tags

In stock
Prices From £6.57 +VAT
Hook attachments for tagging guns.

Hook Attachments and Kimble Tags

Out of stock
Prices From £7.16 +VAT
Tagging Gun Specifically for delicate fabrics

A9X Arrow Fine Tagging Gun

In stock
Prices From £8.79 +VAT
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