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Food Safety Labels

Keep food storage containers clean and food within the contents use by dates with Removable Labels from ERS. Removable labels can be applied to many different materials, including food containers made of plastic, metal and glass and removed before washing without leaving any messy residue to save your employees time and money. The removable range of restaurant kitchen food labels are colour coded to enable management of an efficient food rotation program.

Top Reasons to Use DateIt Food Rotation Labelling System

1. Assure the health inspector your food operation is safe

Show your operation is up to date on available food safety solutions with an organized colour coded labelling system. 

2. Prevent cross-contamination.
Stacking containers is now safe with adhesives that either dissolve in water or can be cleanly removed even after washing. 

3. Avoid serving out of date food
Identify food quickly and easily with color coded labels. With ample room to write, it's easy to determine in what order food needs to be used. 

4. Manage inventory
"Use by" and "Use First" labels help kitchens maintain better inventory management for multiple batches, ensuring a first in, first out system.  

5. Minimize the potential for lawsuits
When used properly, food safety and rotation labelling systems creates an organized and safe solution for managing food freshness. 

6. Reduce waste
Quickly and easily monitor expiration dates to avoid wasting food and money.

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