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Seagull Software Maintenance for BarTender

Software Maintenance for BarTender

Depending on your needs, you may spend a few hundred pounds on a BarTender software license, or many thousands of pounds. Either way, you are making an outstanding investment in the world's most trusted label and RFID software. To maximize the efficiency of your operations, and therefore get the most out of your investment, you will want to update your software from time to time. This lets you take advantage of performance improvements, new enhanced label design functions, more powerful integration support, the latest printing capabilities, and other new features. The easiest and most cost-effective option for updating your software is to purchase a maintenance agreement when you buy BarTender.

  • Pay an annual fee equal to a percentage of the current list price of the product you purchased.
  • Install as few or as many version updates as you like, all for free.
  • Enjoy significant savings over conventional update discounts.*

Please note that maintenance is required for licenses of 50 printers or more.

How to purchase software maintenance

  • Always register your copy of BarTender.
  • Within 30 days of your purchase, contact your reseller and provide the product key code ("PKC") for your software.
  • Your reseller provides us with this code, as well as your contact information (if we do not already have it).
  • We create a maintenance agreement for you in our central database.
  • We email the maintenance agreement to your reseller who can then forward it to you.

Receiving version updates when you have maintenance

Finding out when new versions are released

When you register your copy of BarTender, you are automatically enrolled to receive our newsletters.  Unless you later "opt out," you will therefore receive announcements of new versions and special discounts (when offered).

Update as often as you like

As long as your Software Maintenance Agreement is paid up, you are entitled to free updates to any new version that becomes available. You can also skip updates when you want to and continue to use the version that you already have. Just make sure your maintenance agreement is paid for and your software properly registered.

Convenient update options

You have three options for receiving your version update. (Whether you contact us directly or your reseller, your reseller will have already been properly compensated for your participation in our maintenance program.)

Option 1: Get New PKC First, then Download:

  1. Provide your reseller or closest Seagull office with the product key code ("PKC") for your existing software.
  2. We enter an order for your new software into our system.
  3. We e-mail a new product key code ("PKC") to you, along with download and installation instructions.

Option 2: Download Right Away, then Get New PKC within 30-Days:

  1. The fastest possible way to update your software is to immediately download the latest Trial Edition of BarTender.
  2. You can install the Trial Edition over your existing copy (or copies).  Alternatively, you can prepare a new computer on which to install BarTender. This lets you fully confirm that the new version works with the rest of your environment before you disable or overwrite any existing copies. Although you can use your new software right away, you will not enter in a Product Key Code to "activate" it until later.
  3. In order to continue using your new software, you must "activate" it within 30 days.  That means completing the following steps before it is too late.
  4. Provide your existing Product Key Code ("PKC") to Seagull or your reseller.
  5. We enter an order for your new software into our system.
  6. You will receive back an e-mail with a new PKC, along with installation instructions.

Option 3: Receive Physical Materials:

  1. Provide your reseller with the product key code ("PKC") for the version of software you wish to update.
  2. We enter an order for your new software into our system.
  3. We ship the new software either to your reseller or directly to you (depending on what you prefer).

* Prices and policies on maintenance and upgrades are subject to change.


contact ers Please contact us on: sales@ersltd.co.uk for further information or give us a call on + 44 (0) 1234 855 300 for all requirements.
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BTM-BSC 1 Year Maintenance for BarTender Basic Edition
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BarTender 1 Year Maintenance for BarTender Basic Edition

Product Discontinued
BTM-PRO 1 Year Maintenance for BarTender Professional Edition
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BarTender 1 Year Maintenance for BarTender Professional Edition

Product Discontinued