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Lynx Price Guns

Lynx Price guns are a popular choice for pricing supplies and other goods. The guns are easy to use and come with everything you need to get started, including price labels and ink. Lynx price guns are also durable and can be used for many years. Another advantage of Lynx price guns is that they can be reloaded with new labels and ink, so you don't have to buy a new gun every time you need to price something. Date coding is another feature of Lynx price guns that makes them a good choice for businesses. This feature allows you to print the date on the label, so you can keep track of when products were priced. Overall, Lynx price guns are a good option for businesses that need to price supplies or other goods.

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INK Rollers Suitable for all Lynx / Puma Price Guns

Ink Rollers For Lynx Price Guns

In stock
Prices From £11.30 +VAT
Lynx-Lite Low Cost Value 1 Line - 6 digit

Lite Price Gun - 1 Line - 6 Digit - CT4 Labels

In stock
Prices From £22.90 +VAT

Waterproof Garden Center Pricing Gun Labels

In stock
Prices From £72.75 +VAT
CT4 Labels Suitable for Freezer Storage

Freezer Price / Date Gun Labels - CT4 26mm x 12mm

In stock
Prices From £31.89 +VAT
2 Line numeric Pricing Gun can print upto 10 characters on line 1 and 7 on line 2

C-W17 2 Line Numeric Price and Date Coding Gun

In stock
Prices From £121.95 +VAT
Value 1 Line - 6 digit Price Label Gun from Lynx for CT1 21mm x 12mm Labels

Lite Price Gun - 1 Line - 6 Digit CT1 21 x 12 Labels

Out of stock
Prices From £15.40 +VAT
Lynx C6 Provides Clean and Accurate Pricing Labels

C-6 Pricing Guns 1 Line - 6 Digit CT4 Labels

In stock
Prices From £56.14 +VAT
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