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modular accessories and cases for the iPad,  iPhone and Apple Watch

Studio Proper iPad Point of Sale - POS Retail Mounting Solution

The Studio Proper POS Lock Belt iPad mounting system brings the convenience of the X Lock mounting, but with all Aluminum construction and quick release keyed security. Get up and running in minutes with a sleek, minimal solution that keeps the focus on the iPad and stays conveniently out of the way.

Step 1: Choose POS Lock Belt iPad Stand Options

POS Stand Options attach to iPad Lock Belts with a simple 'twist & lock', with added key lock for theft and tamper proofing.

Step 2: Choose a POS Lock Belt from Accessories

P/O/S Lock Belts are sleek & minimal as well as robust & secure. They clamp onto your iPad, providing a secure way to mount your device in any business environment.

The Power of X Lock

It all starts here. Lock Belt for iPad and iPad Mini integrates our patented X-lock for seamless mounting to Wallee and Proper POS hardware. An integrated Kensington Lock anchor point right on the Belt delivers peace-of-mind security.

Designed to be secure, flexible, intuitive and completely minimal and unencumbering. It leaves the spotlight on the seamlessness of the iPad, and leaves all ports easily accessible.

Simple Installation

In business there's nothing more precious than the hours in a day. That's why we've made sure to design a solution that installs in seconds and is focused on getting you up and running quickly.

Slim, Light & Secure.

The Proper POS iPad Lock Belt is slim, lightweight and keeps the focus on beautiful technology and minimal clutter. We've squeezed an immense amount of utility and security into a product that is barely visible whilst in use. Made from extruded, anodised Aluminium that is designed to fit the profile of the iPad precisely and last forever. 

Works With all Readers.

The iPad Card Reader market is broad, with each reader adopting a specific design that renders most cases and enclosures useless. We've overcome this problem entirely by restricting our solution to the middle of the iPad, well out of the way of all ports and buttons. Proper P/O/S Lock Belt will be compatible with all card readers, always.

Developed With Great Hardware

Your business needs are ever changing and expanding.

The modular nature of the Proper POS range means your Ipad

will always work for you and your environment, however you need them to.

contact ers Please contact us on: sales@ersltd.co.uk for further information or give us a call on + 44 (0) 1234 855 300 for all requirements.
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SPPOSLMDV2 iPad POS Wall Mount Disk for X Lock
Manufacturer: Studio Proper

Studio Proper iPad POS Wall Mount Disk

The Lock Mount Disk is a commercial grade wall mount that looks beautiful and will last a lifetime, it includes our patented locking 'X' allowing for quick and easy mount/dismount of Proper POS Lock Belt for iPad and iPad Mini. Machined from a solid billet of aircraft grade Aluminum that is bead blasted and anodized.

Quick Installation - Proper POS Lock Mount Disk is robust, yet quick to install and get started. Simply install by securing screws at the four integrated mount points.

Align your Lock Belt with the mount disk and turn until you feel the reassuring 'click' that indicates your iPad is firmly mounted, in either landscape or portrait, and at perfect 90º.

The Lock Mount Disk to be seamless and unobtrusive, able to fit into any environment without interrupting the area around it. Simple, secure installation means you're up and running in minutes and its anodised Aluminium construction lasts a lifetime.

For your iPad to be truly valuable it needs to be theft proof and always on. The Proper P/O/S Mount Disk has integrated cable management that allows both a charging cable and lock cable to be neatly routed through and out of sight. Fully considered security and charge management without any of the visual clutter.

Requires iPad Lock Belt

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SPPOSPSV1 POS iPad Pivot Stand - Seamless, elegant and durable Point Of Sale Stand
Manufacturer: Studio Proper

Studio Proper POS iPad Pivot Stand

Seamless, elegant and durable Point Of Sale stand that's designed to be the perfect option for every businesses. Adjust the screen angle or flip the screen smoothly to forward or rear facing orientations. Integrated cable routing provides for a clutter free setup that stays out of the way.

Built to emphasise the beauty and innovation of your iPad Point of Sale setup, the POS Pivot stand is the ultimate combination of sleek and elegant, whilst being incredibly robust and durable. Machined from a solid billet of Aluminium with a matte, anodised surface, the POS Pivot stand can hold its own in the busiest of environments.

The POS Pivot stand has an integrated cable management channel that allows you to conveniently run security and charging cables through the stand and up to your iPad with minimal visual clutter. Say goodbye to unruly cables, POS Pivot keeps all cables in check and out of the way.

The POS Pivot stand allows your iPad to be used in both portrait and landscape orientations. You can easily move between orientations without removing your iPad at any time.

The Proper POS Pivot Stand can be wall mounted, providing the perfect angled solution that's at home on the wall, readily available and yet completely out of the way.

Requires iPad Lock Belt

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SPPOSSSV2 The Ultimate POS Swivel Stand for iPad and iPad Mini
Manufacturer: Studio Proper
Studio Proper iPad POS Swivel Stand

The ultimate POS stand for iPad and iPad Mini, built with feedback from existing retail and hospitality customers. The Swivel POS Stand lifts and angles your iPad at the ideal height and pitch, and rotates smoothly 180 degrees for screen sharing with customers.

Your business is dynamic, and you need your POS stand to fit your environment out of the box. The Proper POS Swivel Stand allows your iPad to be used in both portrait and landscape. You can also move between both orientations without removing your iPad at any time. 

The Proper POS Swivel Stand can be wall mounted, providing the perfect angled display solution

The Swivel Stand mounts to your iPad quickly, with a simple 'turn & click'. Removal is an equally simple motion. Your shop is open and ready to sell in minutes. 

Requires iPad Lock Belt from Accessories

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SPPOSFLXV1 POS iPad Flex Kiosk Stand
Manufacturer: Studio Proper

Studio Proper POS iPad Flex Stand

The Flex Stand is a beautiful iPad stand designed for retail and hospitality environments. The Flex elevates the iPad, offers angle and height adjustment, whilst managing cable neatly within the anodised Aluminium frame. With a dual iPad mount option, the Flex stand provides complete flexibility to be the ultimate stand for every environment.


  • Anodised Aluminium components
  • Simple, 4 screw install
  • Mount up to two iPads of any size
  • Fully angle adjustable
  • Integrated cable management
  • Unobtrusive, minimal & slim design
  • Easy to install and remove mounted iPads
  • Quick twist & lock mounting technology

Requires iPad Lock Belt

from Accessories

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SPPOSKSV1 POS iPad X Lock Kiosk Stand
Manufacturer: Studio Proper

Studio Proper iPad POS Kiosk Stand

A kiosk stand should have several primary objectives; to be beautiful & sculptural, to promote engagement and invite interaction. The Proper Kiosk Stand has been designed with these goals at its core, turning what used to be an eyesore into a beautiful addition to any environment.

Like no Kiosk you've seen before, the Proper Kiosk is thoroughly sculptural, following the sleek and minimal design language of the iPad. Crafted from a ribbon of durable aircraft grade, anodised Aluminium, the Kiosk stand appears almost weightless. It occupies a minimal footprint whilst offering neat cable management and easy, 5 minute assembly.

Making the most of your Kiosk stand sometimes means two screens are better than one. This is easily achieved with an additional Kiosk Clamp (sold separately), allowing two iPads to be mounted to a single Kiosk stand.

Dual mounting offers the flexibility of each iPad being a different model, for example, a forward facing iPad Pro, and a rear facing iPad mini.

By leveraging the modular Proper Lock Belt system, Kiosk stands can be used with any iPad model, and changed or updated freely, any time. Lock belts are available for each iPad model, and allow quick mounting whilst remaining barely visible when installed. Mounting your iPad to the kiosk is quick and intuitive, with a simple twist & lock operation to mount or remove.

Requires iPad Lock Belt

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