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Sweet dreams come to life with Eddie

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Sweet dreams come to life with Eddie

Small French delights are transformed into individual highlights in no time with the help of Eddie Edible Ink Printer. Find out how Colourful Bites creates personalised macarons for its customers with the help of the direct-to-food printer.

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For Essex based Hanane Roche baking has always been her secret love. In her spare time she always baked various cakes and macarons for family and friends. Enthusiastic about her creations, those around her encouraged Hanane to start her own business, which she founded in January 2017.

Since then, Hanane is not only producing macarons in a variety of flavours and colours but also other French patisseries. Customers can order them as gift boxes, special shaped cakes or dessert tables via her online shop. In addition, she offers personalised macarons with logos, images, photos or messages on them for any occasion.

Until now, Hanane used to print on icing sheets, cutting the pictures out with a cutting machine and then sticking them on macarons. Sometimes she wrote on them by hand. Both ways are a very slow, a multiple stage process and in terms of icing sheets also very expensive. For example, 15 circles of icing paper with a 50 mm diameter cost around €21.50 (£18.50) or €1.43 (£1.23) each, not allowing for wastage. “They never looked so neat or professional as hoped and the product quality output was not consistent,” explains Hanane describing the main disadvantages of the previous production process.

In March 2021 she read about the Eddie Edible Ink Printer in a Facebook group. Here she learnt that unlike other available printers Eddie prints directly and in full-colour with certified ink onto confectionery, sweets and baked goods like macarons and cookies. Print objects can be transported to the printer either manually or automatically with the help of a carousel plate. By using the manual feed and a ‘macaron tray’ bakers and pastry chefs like Hanane can print onto finished macarons saving them a lot of time.

The ‘macaron tray’ is one of several new food trays designed especially for Eddie by DTM Print. By using the custom trays production of multiple items in one run (for example up to five macarons) is easy, precise and depending on the item faster too. DTM Print also offers the service to produce trays according to customer specifications.

Of course, Hanane looked for other printers during her research. “But Eddie was the most affordable in terms of cost. Also, it doesn’t require a big space, so it’s the best solution for a small business,” she explains her decision to buy this direct-to-food printer in April 2021.

Since the purchase Hanane is using Eddie daily, producing 500 macarons or more per month and printing them10 times faster and with lower costs than before. Printing on a 50 mm diameter macaron now costs less than €0.09 (£0.08) depending on the ink coverage.

“Faster production and good-looking personalised products that everyone loves” are the advantages Hanane, a very creative pastry chef, sees in Eddie. “I think the price is reasonable and it will bring your product to another (better) level. So, I would definitely recommend the printer to other bakers, sweets and confectionery manufacturers,” she summarises her experiences.

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Read the complete case study (PDF file) Below

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