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mC-Label 3 from Star in a hospitality setting mC-Label3 from Star in a logistics setting Star mC-Label3 Label Printer

NEW mC-Label3 multi-functional printer.


The Latest mCollection Addition: mC-Label3 Label Printer.

Designed to redefine the way we approach label printing, mC-Label3 seamlessly blends innovation, versatility, and efficiency. Transform your workspace with unmatched adaptability and convenience. Catering to a number of label printing needs for various applications, print on linerless sticky labels, traditional die-cut labels or standard receipt paper.

Streamline Workflows: Level Up your Label Printing

The mC-Label3 isn’t just a label printer, see it as a game-changer for many businesses that are aiming to streamline their workflow. Save time and resources with the simple set up and effortless upkeep.

Versatility with the NEW mC-Label 3

One standout feature of the mC-Label3 label printer is its unparalleled adaptability and ability to print linerless sticky labels, permanent linerless labels, traditional labels, die-cut labels, or standard receipt paper. This thermal label printer supports various environmentally friendly liner-free media, including low adhesive "re-stick" labels and high adhesive permanent and semi-permanent linerless labels. This versatility ensures that the mC-Label3 can be used across a variety of industries such as retail, hospitality, click and collect, food delivery and more.

Star Micronics Cloud Services

Cloud Ready, the mC-Label3 thermal label printer can connect to Star’s Cloud Services and access the in-built label builder. This printer offers flexibility in building, storing (x3 static label designs), and instantly printing multiple static receipt/label images with One Touch Label. Printing the stored label is easy– simply press the multi-function button on the front, with no need for device connection. 

The Paper Taken Sensor from Star ensures labels are queued appropriately, preventing the printing of multiple labels before the previous one is taken. This feature is particularly advantageous in kitchen environments for efficient order queueing. Star has incorporated user-friendly features for effortless operation. Clear LEDs show the printer connectivity status which enhances the overall user experience. 


For PC, Network, Tablet and Cloud systems, the mC-Label3 is equipped with USB-C, 2xUSB-A and Ethernet LAN interface as standard with Bluetooth and WLAN options. Its robust 20W USB-C port not only connects seamlessly but also charges Android and Windows mobile devices, ensuring continuous data and power transfer for prolonged use.

SteadyLAN technology establishes a reliable wired LAN connection to mobile devices, whilst the innovative TetherLAN technology enables a connected 4G or 5G device to share its network connection with the printer, creating a Cloud-connected printer anywhere. For added convenience, the printer supports the connection and control of cash drawers, buzzers, and USB scanners (compatible with Android and Windows devices only).

Simple Setup and Integration 

Experience simple setup with Star's Quick Set-Up Utility, streamlining the process while providing status checks for both printers and peripherals. Software developers can benefit from Star's multi-product API, seamlessly integrated into the Windows, iOS, Android, and Linux-based SDKs for straightforward integration. Supported by Star's skilled technical support team, ensure smooth integration with platform-specific, web-based, or multi-platform applications.

mC-Label3 Key Features

  • Versatile printing on various media types: Linerless Label (Permanent & Sticky), Die-Cut Label, Continuous Label, Thermal Receipt
  • Thermal label printer
  • Create customised labels effortlessly using Star Micronics Cloud Services
  • One Touch Label feature for storing and printing pre-made receipts and labels with ease
  • Accommodates any paper width from 25mm to 80mm
  • Multiple connectivity options for Android & Windows, including USB-C, Bluetooth (MCL32CBi model only), SteadyLAN, TetherLAN
  • Apple MFi-certified for seamless iOS Bluetooth connectivity (MCL32CBi model only)
  • Cloud-based printing capabilities with networked devices
  • Functions as a multifunctional peripheral hub
  • Hassle-free, no-tools-required repairs with minimal upkeep

Star mC-Label3 

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