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ERS Enterprise Services

Businesses are increasingly turning to enterprise services to streamline operations, enhance productivity, and stay competitive in the market of their chosen field. Leveraging the power of innovative technology, to find a completely tailored solution for business requirements enabling growth and a digital transformation. But what does this mean when it comes to ERS?

Defining ERS Enterprise Services

At Electronic Reading Systems Ltd we have a dedicated enterprise team who focus solely on EPIC sales, this stands for extended period of intensive consultation. It means our team can dedicate a lot more time to specific customers and provide that extra layer of consultative support. From finding the right hardware and or/custom software/media to create a complete unique solution for the end user all the way through to additional technical support.

ERS enterprise services are more than just a web sale, the team will get to know your business, and provide end-to-end project management and support from the get-go, collaborating with customers to identify specific needs and challenges across a variety of industries.

As a Customer, What are the Advantages?

We’ve been in business for 36 years, and our team are experts in what they do. Whilst customers know their own business inside and out, we’re here to help simplify the technology process and take away and hassle and headaches. Our enterprise team will work with you to identify a cost-effective solution that will bring big gains to your operations.

Our team offer nationwide site visits to run a full audit, project management, in-depth support, technical expertise and more. Product demonstrations are an advantage too and can be done either within our ERS office, located in Kempston, Bedford, over a FaceTime, or on the site visit (mentioned above). If you’ve got artwork ready to go, we’ll print sample labels free of charge, so you can see the results, prior to purchase.

We work with a number of trusted partners such as Epson UK to bring our customers the best, tailored solution suited to their business’s requirements. When needed, we’ll call on our partners to provide that extra level of support. Epson have a great set of tools on hand for us too, such as the CO2 calculator and cost-estimating tool (this enables us to get the CMYK, RGB costs per print).

Customer Success Stories | Label Printing

Who can benefit from ERS enterprise services? The truth is anyone. If you’ve got a need for a complete solution, we’re here to help. It doesn’t matter if you’re a one-man start-up small business or a large corporate company.

Enterprise isn’t defined by the size, it just means you if you have a project which requires hardware, software, or custom software development then we can come on board to simplify the process for you. Here are a couple of customer success stories for those who had a requirement for a labelling solution…

Electrical Product Manufacturer

Our enterprise head Steve Gibbons worked with this customer. It was a general enquiry which came through on our live chat system – the customer was looking for a label printer to put labels onto the outside of boxes for electrical items.

After getting to know the customer and business in question, Steve arranged to go and visit the site and demo the label printer that would work best for the companies needs. It ended up that the electrical manufacturer purchased sixty C3500 Epson ColorWorks printers for their production line. Our enterprise team then worked with IT to ensure they were all properly integrated with their BarTender infrastructure.

Food Product Manufacturer

An example of a smaller business was a customer of Ben Eaton’s, our enterprise solutions specialist. This food product manufacturer required a label printer for their food production line – they have six facilities and wanted the labels to print with allergen information on, without the users having to constantly design and edit the labels. Ben worked with the company and after a site visit arranged for custom software to be developed and integrated with the C3500 ColorWorks label printers as a complete solution.

Trusted Partner Perspective | Epson UK

We asked Epson, why should customers be working with ERS? Here’s what they had to say…

“As a gold partner since 2013, you’ve constantly grown as a company. You’ve developed your skillset and always filled any gaps where this was lacking. This could be why you’ve won ColorWorks Partner of the Year for the second consecutive year running."

"We have likeminded sustainability goals and have been working on our plant a tree scheme, whereby we’ve planted/donated more than 850 trees together. You’ve always instilled confidence in us when working together, and you have always understood the customer journey. Your team will always go the extra mile to truly understand the needs of customers, and this is why we’ll keep referring potential customers to you.”

To learn more about how our ERS enterprise services could drive results for your business, contact our team today on +44 01234 855 300.

The ColorWorks Collection

Proven across the globe the ColorWorks series is a popular choice for businesses of all sizes. Here’s why…

  • C3500 and C4000 desktop colour label printers are designed to suit a number of applications, which is why they work so will within our enterprise projects.


  • C6000 and C6500 are slightly bigger, high-quality label printers that offer lots of flexibility and can print a variety of label sizes.


  • C7500 and C7500G are industrial label printers, they print twice as fast as the other ColorWorks models and has been designed with the capabilities to produce labels all day, every day.


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