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Save Time, Money and Go Green with new innovative POS Printers from TOSHIBA TEC

Toshiba Tec TRST-A15 Double Sided Receipt Printer  TRST-A15-SC-QM-RTOSHIBA TEC Europe, a leading retail and industrial automation solutions provider, today launched the new TRST-A10 and TRST-A15 thermal POS Printers in Europe. These innovative models will deliver a competitive advantage to retail, convenience, hospitality, pharmacy, library, and product control environments.

Both single station thermal receipt printers share a common platform of unrivalled reliability, easy maintenance and wide usability for both high-volume and specialty sales as well as transit handling of warehoused goods.

Save Time

The new TRST-A10 and TRST-A15 thermal printers produce text, razor-sharp graphics and barcodes at top speed. Through their multi-colour printing capability, the TRST-A10 and TRST-A15 printers easily deliver intelligent sales information, targeted at each individual client.

The TRST-A10 and TRST-A15 printers are stacked with value adding features such as easy drop-in paper roll loading (saving time during roll changes), auto-cutter (dust reduction increases overall printer reliability), USB and serial interfaces as well as free OPOS and Windows drivers to help save time and money.

At 225 mm/s, the TRST-A10 single sided thermal printer delivers a fast and smooth print-out. Its clear-cut design without sharp edges protects users from injuries. All modular components are designed to give maximum accessibility for replenishment and jam clearance. Components can be cleaned, maintained and swapped without the need for any special tools.

The TRST-A15 is of the same stock but with super-fast double sided printing capabilities at an astonishing 170 mm/s.

Save Money

Double-sided printing reduces paper consumption by up to 45 percent, while the number of roll changes is only half that of similar single-sided printers.

The new printers benefit from low power consumption and offer extreme reliability with a Mean Characters before Failure of 52 million lines and a Mean Time before Failure of the PC board by a record-breaking 600,000 hours.

The two-sided printing option can be activated through a single command, avoiding the need for expensive software development.

Reduction of the paper cost by up to 25 percent in the double-sided TRST-A15 printer offers a significant cost-saving to the user.

Content information on the receipts can be tailored to each individual customer. Examples include rebate information, contest information, serialized cartoons, terms and conditions of sale, promotional information, coupon information, security features, ticket information and custom information based on recipient identity or transaction data or detail.

The unique cover release system on the TRST-A10 protects the top cover from breaking. When the printer cover is ripped off through heavy-handed use, the user within seconds can manually click the cover in place again.

Save the Environment

Using two print heads in the double-sided TRST-A15 means that each print head prints half the total number of lines. Each print head therefore doubles its lifetime compared to a standard receipt printer, drastically decreasing the environmental impact of receipt printing.

Standard USB and serial interfaces connect the new POS printers to each legacy system as well as keeping all options open for future hardware upgrades.

Choosing between normal and low power mode hands users a flexible trade-off between speed and energy costs.

The double-sided print head concept sets down a new standard with an extended product lifetime and hence a smaller environmental footprint as production, transportation and eventually recycling costs are significantly being reduced.

For further information or to purchase click on the following link Toshiba TEC Thermal Receipt Printers

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